The IMAX 3D Experience

The IMAX Experience in 3D—the world's most immersive movie experience—has entertained and enlightened millions of people worldwide. With crystal clear, larger–than–life, 3D images complemented by exhilarating state–of–the–art surround sound, audiences feel as though they are in the movie.

IMAX 3D glasses are provided for use during all 3D films at Marbles IMAX.

The IMAX 3D Camera

The IMAX 3D camera is one of the highest resolution image–capturing devices in the world. By simultaneously recording separate left– and right–eye images the IMAX 3D camera helps to create spectacular high–resolution images characteristic of the wide field of view of IMAX presentations. Weighing between 42 and 100 pounds, these cameras are extremely versatile and can be used in virtually any environment—from outer space to the ocean floor, the top of Mt. Everest and all around the globe.

The IMAX 3D Projector

As the most advanced, precise and powerful projectors ever built, IMAX's revolutionary projection systems deliver crystal–clear images and enhance the vivid 3D imagery being shown on screen. To create the 3D effect IMAX projectors deliver two separate screen images onto the screen. Each member of the audience must wear IMAX 3D glasses, which channel the right–eye image to the right eye and the left–eye image to the left eye. The polarized lenses separate the left– and right–eye images. Light from the 6,000 watt lamp of our IMAX projector is so bright that, if one were operated on the moon, people on Earth could see it with the naked eye.

The Giant Screen

Forty–five hundred times larger than an average TV screen, IMAX giant screens soar up to eight stories high and have a slight curvature that extends beyond the field of geometric recognition. Because these screens fill your peripheral vision, you feel like you're right in the action.

Marbles IMAX boasts North Carolina's biggest 3D screen at 70 feet wide and 52 feet tall. The theatre is giant screen certified by the Giant Screen Cinema Association.

IMAX Sound

The 6–channel multi–way digital IMAX speaker system with sub–bass utilizes 44 speakers grouped into six clusters behind the screen and at the rear of the theatre to deliver uncompressed sound that is simply unsurpassed in depth and clarity. This state–of–the–art system generates more than 24,000 watts of power, not volume, to provide the audience with life–like sound. IMAX's powerful audio system delivers laser–aligned digital sound with exacting volume and quality at every seat throughout the theatre. From a small drop of rain to an enormous clap of thunder, you'll hear every shade and subtlety, regardless of where you are sitting.