The IMAX Experience

  • What is the difference between Marbles IMAX and IMAX theatres at local multiplexes?

    Still North Carolina's only 3D-capable giant screen, Marbles IMAX offers a premium, immersive movie experience. At 70 feet wide, our screen is the biggest 3D screen in the state. The theatre is Giant Screen Certified by the Giant Screen Cinema Association, adhering to the following requirements:

    • 70 feet (21.3 meters) wide, and 52 feet tall

    • All seating is within one screen width of the screen plane

    Marbles IMAX features a state-of-the-art IMAX 3D projection system and a laser-aligned audio system with 24,000 watts of heart-pumping sound.

    Marbles IMAX shows Hollywood's biggest feature films as well as inspiring documentary films that you won't find at local multiplex theatres.

  • What differentiates The IMAX Experience?

    The IMAX Theatre is designed to put you IN the movies. IMAX's state-of-the-art technology delivers the world's most immersive movie experience through a revolutionary projection system, a powerful digital audio system and customized theatre geometry.

  • Are Hollywood movies re-mastered for IMAX, cropped or otherwise manipulated to fit the screen?

    Per filmmakers' requests, IMAX maintains the original aspect ratios when converting Hollywood films into The IMAX Experience. The result is often letterboxed so it doesn't fill the entire IMAX screen. While the aspect ratio was altered for a few early films (Star Wars, for example), it hasn't been done for several years. Our current releases preserve the same aspect ratios they were shot in.

  • What is IMAX DMR?

    The image on a 35mm film frame is comprised of a fine grain structure like that of all photographic images. This grain, when projected on to the IMAX screen, looks like a TV channel with bad reception. IMAX DMR removes this grain while preserving the quality of the underlying image making what you see on the screen crystal clear. To create the brightness and clarity that audiences have come to expect from The IMAX Experience, IMAX uses a proprietary computer program to make the images sharper than they were originally, while colors are adjusted for the unique technically superior characteristics of the IMAX screen.

Ticket Purchase

  • How can I purchase IMAX tickets?

    Tickets may be purchased in advance online, onsite at the IMAX box office, at the IMAX concession stand, and at the Marbles Kids Museum Welcome Desk. Please note: IMAX shows often sell out. We recommend buying your IMAX tickets well in advance of show time, whenever possible.

  • I have a Marbles Movie Membership—how can I purchase my tickets online?

    Members can purchase tickets online.

  • What is an IMAX Combo ticket?

    An IMAX Combo ticket is valid for any film and admission to Marbles Kids Museum. The museum portion of a combo ticket may be used for a museum visit within 30 days of purchase.

  • How can I purchase an IMAX gift card?

    Gift cards are available for purchase online, at the IMAX Theatre concessions stand, IMAX Theatre box office, museum welcome desk and Marbles Corner Store for a minimum of $10. Find out more about gift cards.

  • What are the IMAX box office hours?

    The IMAX box office is open daily one hour before the first show time until 30 minutes after the last show time of the day. IMAX tickets may also be purchased on site at the Marbles Kids Museum Welcome Desk, Tuesday–Sunday 9:00am–5:00pm.

  • I am a teacher thinking of taking my class to the IMAX Theatre. Whom should I contact?

    Contact the Marbles Group Coordinator (groups@marbleskidsmuseum.org) at 919.857.1049. Find out more about IMAX field trips.

  • What credit cards do you accept?

    We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept cash and checks.

  • I bought tickets online but I can't print my confirmation email. What should I do?

    As long as you have your online ticketing reservation number, you can pickup your tickets. Your reservation number is located on your email confirmation and begins with the letters “EXPL”. Hint: If you bring the credit card you purchased with, we can scan it to quickly find your reservation.

  • How soon can I pickup the tickets I purchased online?

    Your tickets are available as soon as you complete your online transaction. You may pick up your tickets anytime from the time of purchase, right up until show time.

  • Do you mail me the tickets I purchased online?

    No. Your tickets will be available onsite at WILL CALL.

  • Where is WILL CALL?

    Your WILL CALL tickets can be picked up at the IMAX Theatre box office or in the IMAX lobby at the concession stand. You may also pickup your WILL CALL tickets at the Marbles Kids Museum Welcome Desk when the museum is open.

  • Can I buy online tickets for someone else, or can I give my online tickets to someone else?

    Yes. If you are not picking up the tickets yourself, you will need to give your email confirmation to whoever will be using the tickets. That person should bring a printed copy of the email confirmation.

  • How can I contact the IMAX Theatre Manager?

    If you have a question about your online ticket purchase, please reply to the email confirmation you received, making sure to include your question in the email reply. Alternately, you can email the theatre manager at tickets@marbleskidsmuseum.org.

Marbles Movie Membership

 Get a Marbles Movie Membership today!
  • Can I get discounted tickets for my friends or family?

    Only the person whose picture is on the card can use free or discounted tickets.

  • How can I buy tickets with my membership?

    You may purchase tickets at the IMAX box office, concession stand, museum welcome desk or online, fee-free anytime. Simply enter your Marbles Movie Membership promo code to access member pricing. Don't know the promo code? Email MovieMember@MarblesKidsMuseum.org and include your member number in your email. Please remember that only members can use member priced tickets. You may purchase additional tickets at full ticket price; standard online ticketing fees apply. Show your membership card at the IMAX box office or concessions stand to redeem your tickets. If the membership card is not presented, you must pay the difference between the member price and the full ticket price.

  • Do all the members in my party have to be with me to purchase tickets in advance?

    You may bring other membership cards with you when you are purchasing more than one member ticket onsite, but all membership cards must be shown when tickets are given to the usher before going into the theatre.

  • When does my membership expire?

    The Marbles Movie Membership expires 12 months from time of purchase or 12 months from time of redemption for memberships purchased as a gift. The expiration date is printed on the front of the card.


  • Does the IMAX Theatre serve concessions?

    Yes. We offer fresh popcorn, a variety of candy, fountain drinks, bottled drinks, beer & wine, and grab & go options from our cafe.

  • May I bring in my own snacks?

    No. Only items purchased from the concession stand or onsite cafe are allowed in the theatre.

  • May I pre-order concessions?

    Confirmed groups may pre-order concessions. Find out more.


  • How big is the IMAX screen?

    Our IMAX 3D giant screen is more than 5 stories tall. It's 52 feet high and 70 feet wide, making it the biggest 3D screen in North Carolina.

  • How early should I arrive at the theatre for the movie I'm coming to see?

    We seat our guests on a first-come basis. Recommended arrival times are based on how many people are in your party (assuming you'd all like to sit together) and how important seat selection is to you. It is not uncommon for guests to start lining up 45 minutes (or more) prior to show time on the opening weekend of a popular Feature Film.

  • How many people does the IMAX Theatre seat?

    The theatre seats 272.

  • Are some seats better than others?

    No. The theatre features steeply-tiered seating decks so that every person's view of the screen is unobstructed.

IMAX Movies

  • How are IMAX documentaries selected?

    Most documentaries are chosen based on how well their educational content matches the NC Standard Course of Study curriculum requirements for K–8 education and Marbles core initiatives. We also select documentaries based on title-appeal and survey feedback from our guests.

  • How long are IMAX documentaries offered?

    Most documentaries stay on our schedule for 6–10 months, with some documentaries running for as long as 12 months.