Lights Up Sound Down Movies at Marbles

Monthly sensory-sensitive screenings at Marbles IMAX for kids with special needs, young kids and their families. Makes an ideal first movie experience!

Lights up, sound down. Get up and dance around!

Mark your calendar! Lights Up, Sound Down movies show on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month, unless otherwise noted.


Posters for Play 2019

The 4th annual Posters for Play will feature posters, standees and other items from The Avengers, Lion King, Captain Marvel, Aquaman and many more! This is a chance to donate for items rarely found in stores including IMAX exclusive posters and prints.

  • Friday, November 1 6:30—8:30pm*

  • Saturday, November 2 1:30—7:30pm

*Exclusive first hour shopping for Marbles Movie Members on Friday, November 1 at 5:30pm

Prices vary. Cash and credit card accepted. All proceeds benefit Marbles Kids Museum, a community nonprofit.